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About MCK

Who we are

MCK-Suppliers B.V. is a nautical supply company that specializes in supplying goods for the super yacht industry. Driven by a deeply-rooted passion for the nautical world, our enthusiasm triggers our urge to provide a high level of service and quality in this exceptional field of work. We strive to solve problems and are constantly in pursuit of extremely satisfied customers. MCK-Suppliers is fueled by passion and the desire to achieve challenging goals in international trade.

With an ambitious team of experts, and a wide network of excellent suppliers and shippers, we are able to respond quickly and adequately to your needs. We know and understand the need of a partner that gives you the trust of a personal fitting order flow and comply with this. Additionally, we fully understand your need for privacy at the highest possible level, and accordingly maintain personal customer care in every step of our services, including excellent aftersales.